A FAMILY were left upset after a planned minute applause in commemoration of a loyal Hereford fan failed to take place at Saturday’s game against Billericay Town.

Former Chairman of the Hereford United Vice Presidents Club and season ticket holder Philip Cleeton died recently and his family were invited to the game as guests while Hereford fans held a minute applause in his memory.

The family were standing pitch side in the rain waiting for the tribute, but the game went ahead without the minute applause going ahead.

“It was hard going to the club as the last time we went was with my dad,” said Philip’s daughter Hayley Young.

“We were left pitch side in the rain and the next thing the referee blew his whistle and started the game.

“A club member came and said they were very sorry and the referee was aware but he didn’t know what had happened.

“We were told they had approached the referee who said he didn’t want to get the players wet.

“We took our seats and our girls were in tears.”

The family were assured that the minute applause would instead take place at the start of the second half.

However, they were left distraught when the game commenced once again without the commemoration taking place.

“My daughters were in floods of tears and they had got the days off work to be there,” added Mrs Young after the family left the ground dismayed by what had happened.

“It was a big thing for us as football was his life. Our whole day was organised around that and we came away not believing what had happened.

“We have been invited back to the Boxing Day match but the girls work in retail and can’t get time off and my brother can’t make it.

“We lost our mum in 2007 and football kept my dad going.

“He had cancer and I cared for him at home and even when he was too poorly to attend the match he still had it on the radio while lying in bed.

“He was such a lovely man and loyal supporter of the club.

“It was a huge disappointment as people were there especially to honour my dad. We felt so stupid and let down.”