HEREFORD Tae Kwon Do travelled to the Birmingham Arena to compete alongside 1,400 others in the British Championships.

Kelly Marshall once again stood out as she added a gold to her World championships title picked up in July this year. She also collected a silver in the tag teams.

Others to make a mark included Patryk Janczewski who scooped gold in the boys tag teams and Ben Hargreaves who took silver in the men’s black belt.

Meanwhile, Laura Rackauskas took silver in the ladies sparring, Adam Janczewski won silver in the men's power foot and silver in overall power.

Caroline Holmes gained a silver medal of her own in the ladies sparring and tag teams while Jaroslaw Grzabel took bronze in the men's sparring and power test leg.

Daniel Janczewski took silver in the boy's leg power, Charlie Canton-Smith gained a bronze in the boys sparring and power test hand, and Mark Smith also collected a bronze in the men's power test hand.

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