FOLLOWING Saturday's excellent result and a very entertaining game, I couldn't stop myself from looking at the League 2 table on a number of occasions over the weekend.

It made very pleasant reading.

There is a tinge of disappointment in that, if we had scored one more goal, which we probably should have done against Bradford, then we would have topped the table.

But irrespective of that, the start has been a very good one and all of the credit must go to the players.

The one big issue on Saturday was the attendance and it is a concern that we were getting bigger attendances in the Conference.

We had returned to Edgar Street on the back of a 3-0 victory at Morecambe, were nicely placed in the league and with a big and attractive club visiting - one that was in the Premiership not so long ago - yet we barely mustered 2,700 of our own supporters.

It could be argued that performances and results at home have not been that good but the same 2,700 are coming week in and week out.

We are not attracting fresh support through the gate and that is disappointing given all the circumstances of last Saturday.

People may assume that this is a moan about the level of support but, take it as you wish, it is a bit of concern that we were getting better gates in the Conference and it is difficult to understand why.

The financial situation of the club is very stable and if we get what we want in terms of developing the Blackfriars and Meadow Ends then it will set the club in good stead for a long time to come.

We have said that we will be disappointed if we cannot get our planning application in by the turn of the year and there has been interest from cinema groups, hotels and big fitness clubs, and even residential development.

But we must ensure that any development is tagged on to the football facilities and not the other way around.

We must get supporters what they want inside the ground in terms of good facilities and plenty of space.

Recently, we have had meetings with the Richardsons and we have selected an architect from Wolverhampton who will ensure that we have the right facilities to comply with the regulations.

In three weeks' time, we shall meet with the big hitters from the Edgar Street Grid Development, Herefordshire Council, the Richardsons and the architect with the aim of finding out exactly what is acceptable.

This has now all dragged on for a long time and we shall look to see if the Edgar Street Grid development can be kick-started by what we want to take place at the ground.