YOUNG defender Ethan Wassall followed in his father's footsteps and was thrown straight into the Hereford team for his first game in senior football.

The 20-year-old who arrived on loan from Derby County on Thursday with goalkeeper Matt Yates both made their Hereford debuts against Stockport County on Saturday.

It was fitting that Wassall's father Darren Wassall also played his first game for Hereford against Stockport while on loan from Nottingham Forest in 1987.

“My dad talked me through it when the interest came in and told me that he made his debut for Hereford at Stockport away as well," said Wassall.

“He said he had a good performance so to make sure I did. I was under a little bit of pressure but he helped me yes.

"It was my first game in men’s football and I really enjoyed it. I thought the level was very good and Stockport are one of the better sides in this division and it was very physical compared to under-23s football but I really enjoyed it.”

Wassall was part of a back three with veteran defender Ryan Green and fellow loanee Harvey Smith.

“The start of the season at Derby we started to go into a back three and I usually play in the middle so I’m comfortable with it but I’m happy to play on the right or left," he added.

“I trained with the lads on Thursday night so today it was great to put a shirt on and get on the pitch with them and play my first game.

“He was brilliant (Ryan Green) and everybody got behind me but he kept talking to me with all his experience and he really helped me through the game.

“It’s great to have (Matt) Yates behind me as I know what he can do and he knows what I can do and today I thought he was spectacular.

“Stockport are a very good side and very physical but we dealt with it well. With the crowd here everybody has got to be loud and vocal and we need 11 leaders on the pitch."