HEREFORD FC are on report at the FA and have been told that further disorder or behaviour incidents could result in ‘severe sanctions’ for the club.

The news came from Andrew Graham, Director for Community Engagement & the Hereford FC FA Respect Director giving a briefing on what is required from the club and fans to the club’s official website.

The incident which Hereford FC are report on to the FA is unclear.

“As we continue our remarkable push for Football League status, we need to make sure that what happens off the pitch, doesn’t have a negative impact on what is happening on it!

“This season, we already see Hereford FC on report at The FA with a reminder that further disorder/behaviour incidents could result in severe sanctions for the club.

“As the Director with responsibility for monitoring and ensuring HFC comply with FA behaviour requirements, and following a HFC Board Meeting on the 16th August 2018, I would like to place on record our thanks to the vast majority of our supporters who attend matches and behave impeccably and a particular thank you to those supporters who ensure that their friends or others do not bring this fantastically supported Club into disrepute.

“I would also like to express our appreciation for this passionate and committed following which has undoubtedly played a significant part of our success story so far, on, and off the field of play. As we continue our relentless push toward a Football League position, as Directors, we too have a significant part to play. This Director activity takes place not just on match-days, but everyday, behind the scenes, with Club matters and Regulatory matters, to ensure that we are in a position to progress on our remarkable journey.

“Occasionally, Directors are engaged in matters where we are called upon to explain or defend our supporter’s actions. When this takes place, we are scrutinised by The FA, the Police, our Community and the media. The time taken to respond and protect us from damage is significant and could quite simply be put to more productive use."