A MARTIAL arts instructor from Hereford has won silver at the English Taekwondo Championships and now hopes for World selection.

Luke Hall works as a carer in the city and has three world titles to his name, as well as winning countless national and international tournaments.

His latest medal stands him in good stead for 2018 World Taekwondo Grand Prix in October.

Hall says that his bosses at Kemble at Home have been really flexible allowing him to compete at the highest level.

“It was a difficult competition with over 2,000 fighters in Swindon,” said Hall.

“I’ve won three world titles and loads of international and national titles, there’s so many that I can’t name them all and I’ve got lots of awards in the hall of fame.

“They (his bosses) have been great, really supportive and work around me. It’s very flexible with training and off to Scotland in four weeks and then the World Championships.”

The news follows discussion to see taekwondo included in the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth games, having been a full medal sport in the Olympics since 2000.

Hall has been training since he was four-years-old and now runs two schools in Hereford, with 64 years between the youngest and oldest members.

“Taekwondo is really big to be fair, especially with the Olympics,” he added.

“There’s lots of kids involved in it with their parents, adults and elderly people as well. There’s a good interest with the youngest member four, and the eldest 68.”

Sessions take place on a Tuesday evening at the Hereford Academy or at thePoint4 Leisure Centre on a Friday evening.

“Martial arts are unlike any other sport practised today,” Hall says on his website.

“It has the ability to strengthen the mind as well as the body. It can aid to increase strength, flexibility and endurance, as we as enhance valuable life skills such as self-discipline, focus to achieve goals, courtesy, respect and integrity.”

For more information on the schools visit halltkd.co.uk