BIGGLESWADE Town manager Chris Nunn felt that the decisions that went against his team against Hereford may have been harsh.

Connor Hall was dismissed in the 67th minute for an alleged elbow on Bulls captain Jimmy Oates, which followed a penalty awarded to Hereford in the first half when Gavin Hoyte handled the ball.

Hereford went on to win the game 1-0 thanks to a 94th minute Keyon Reffell winner.

"Connor, for me is an exceptional player who can mix it physically and with quality," said Nunn.

"He was having a really scrappy game with three or four other players and arms were moving around.

"As soon as she blew her whistle, I knew it was going to be a red card.

"I didn't really see enough to give an honest verdict, but it will be interesting to see it back.

"But he clearly didn't elbow him, otherwise he would have gone down."

Talking about the handball, Nunn added: "The ball has clearly hit his hand, but we're thinking it's not hand to ball.

"You watch Match of the Day tonight you will see some handballs given and even when they watch it back, some will say it was and some will say it wasn't."

Hereford manager Pete Beadle said that referee Sarah Garratt was in a perfect position to make the call.

"It was a long way away and you can't tell, but the referee is right there and the lad said it definitely hit his arm," said Beadle.

"So if it has his arm, is it stopping the ball going across to someone to tap it in?

"Lance stepped up to take it and that's the gamble, sometimes you put your foot through it and the keeper goes the right way and makes a clean save.

"But it stuck as well, so even more disappointment for Lance."

Nunn praised his team for the way his team defended, especially when Hereford were asserting a lot of pressure.

"Full credit to Hereford, they kept going and putting more bodies in the box," he said.

"We kept putting bodies on the line and making challenges and, for that, I felt we deserved a draw.

"The key thing for us was to not concede early and we worked really hard to stop them playing.

“I am proud of my boys but in the last five minutes, the pressure was building up and unfortunately, we couldn’t see it through.”

Nunn believes Hereford will no go on win the title.

"I think the big thing for Hereford is when they play King's Lynn," he said.

"I thought they would win it a month ago and my decision hasn't changed."