GYMNASTS from Hereford Dynamix Trampoline Club have made a promising start to the 2018 competitive season.

Strong performances on trampoline (TRI) and double mini-trampoline (DMT) saw the competitors bring home a host of medals at the first regional compulsory event, with every member qualifying for the next round of the competition in March.

Gold medals went to Eden McGarvie (TRI and DMT), Tristan Watts (TRI), Bailee-Jo Horton (TRI), Marcus Carey Powell (TRI and DMT) Jazmine O’Leary (TRI and DMT), Max Cotterrell (DMT), Emogene Mullis (DMT), Jemma Morgan (DMT) and Ava Summerfield (DMT).

Meanwhile silver medals were claimed by Neive Inglis (TRI and DMT), Max Cotterrell (TRI), Rebecca Board (TRI), Abigail Godsall (DMT) and Emily Godsall (DMT), while a team gold was also awarded to Jazmine O’Leary, Abigail Godsall and Emily Godsall on trampoline.