HEREFORD manager Pete Beadle says he has a good relationship with hotshot striker John Mills.

The Bulls marksman has scored back-to-back hat-tricks, including a treble against Royston Town on Saturday.

However in his post-match interview, Beadle said that,Mills sometimes contributes little outside of the box and needs to be more of a team player.

"I want my players to be better, but I think my comments got misinterpreted, it was just sarcasm," said Beadle.

"People felt I was having a pop at him, but he had a great game and I was laughing when I said it.

"It was tongue in cheek.

"Yes, I want more from him but I respect him as a person.

"We have a good relationship off the field and he works extremely hard.

"We have worked together for just over two years now and I think he can add more to his game.

"But you cannot replicate what he does.

"To score 109 goals is a phenomenal record.

"He is a phenomenon, I've never seen anything like it in all me time as a player or coach.

"But we won 4-1 on Saturday and he scored a hat-trick, so why I would I be disappointed with him?

"When he plays well, he gets a pat on the back and when I feel he hasn't, I tell him, like I do with all of the players."

Beadle concedes that Mills will have a decision to make should a higher-graded club come in for him.

"Everyone has an ambition to play at a high level," said Beadle.

"Some players are happy to just play and pick up their money, but a lot of players have that character to want to be better.

"If someone came in for John then it is something he will have to consider."

Pablo Haysham dropped to the bench on Saturday, while Jamie Molyneux was not even in the squad.

"They may feel a little hard done by but we always try and put a team out that we feel can win the game," said Beadle.

"Every player in the group wants to start, but maybe players sometimes need a break.

"On Saturday, we put Keyon [Reffell] a little bit wider and Garyn [Preen] also did very well.

"Pablo came on and took his goal really well.

"Jamie was part of the group and supported the team.

"It's a nice headache to have at the moment because we've still got Lance Smith and Jack Deaman to come back."

Beadle felt his team produced their best performance on Saturday.

"We've had a particularly tough start, but I thought we were really good on Saturday," he said.

Hereford face Stratford Town tonight in their latest Southern Premier League game.

Smith will take part in the warm-up, but he is unlikely to be involved in the 16.