LEDBURY boxer Alex 'Pinky' Florence claimed a second professional win by beating Liam Richards at Walsall Town Hall.

Florence had been struggling with illness prior to the bout, but fought a flawless four rounds to take the victory.

"Luckily my hard work was all done before I got this bug and I managed to shake it off before my fight so was more than fit enough to do my four rounds," said Florence.

"I went out there to do the game plan that I trained for, but I didn't go out there to try and stop him, hence why I didn't put the pressure on him after he went down in the third round.

"I just boxed so I could get the experience of the rounds.

"Anyone that knows me knows I've got plenty of power, but I like showing my skill."

His coach and father Fred Florence said he was was unsure whether to pull his son out of the fight.

"He managed to shake off his bug and showed loads of skill and maturity, as well as lots of speed," he said.