TWO brothers from Hereford Boxing Academy took part in an open show at Clearys ABC in Trident College, Warwick.

Zak Price stepped into the ring for the first time against Waterfront ABC's Fraser Armstrong, while Jake fought Brandon Lynch, from Bell Green ABC.

Armstrong started the fight by using his jabs quite swiftly, but Zak used his fast footwork to get himself out of any trouble.

However, it was Armstrong who threw more punches during the opening round.

Zak did sharpen up his jabs in the next round as he fought to get back in the match and, in the final round, both boxers gave it their all.

However, it was Armstrong who won it on a split decision.

"I was pleased with Zak’s first performance because he gave it his all, moving around the ring," said Hereford Boxing Academy head coach Del Strachan.

"If Zak could have had thrown a few more shots he could have won the fight."

Jake was next up and his bout was set at a fast pace with both boxers landing positive shots.

"This continued throughout the first round until Jake threw a rear hand shot which knocked Lynch to the canvas.

"Lynch managed to get back to his feet, but was very unsteady and the referee was forced to stop the fight and award Jake a technical knock-out win."