CITY boxers showed their strength when they travelled to Stoke-on-Trent taking two victories during an open show.

A Hereford Boxing Academy squad of Zak Price, Jake Price Tom Beech and Edward Kretchman travelled to the show hosted by Burslem ABC.

All four of the lads weighed in on weight unfortunate for Zak Price's opponent was overweight and his fight was called off by his Hereford coaches

The first junior bout saw Jake Price take on host club boxer Josh Casey.

Price started the first round on the front foot pinning his opponent back with his long hand punches. In the second round both boxers upped their tempo and exchange some heavy and hard combinations but Price was the more dominant

Price maintained his workrate in the third and final round and landed some punishing combinations and finished the round with ease due to his fitness

The fight was award to Price with a unanimous decision on the score card from all the judges.

The second bout saw senior boxer Beech take on Robeil Mirza of the host club.

Beech stamped his authority in the second round landed accurate shots towards Mirza with little coming back from the host boxer.

In the final round Mirza came back into the bout and both boxers exchanged combinations.

The judges score card was split decision making Mirza the winner.

The final bout saw Hereford boxer Kretcham take on A Aiken. The visiting boxer took control from the start pushing Aiken back with heavy lead hand jabs and flurries of combinations.

Aiken responded in the second round and tried to take control of the ring centre but Kretchman’s foot work made it difficult for Aiken to take control

Kretchman secured the win in the third round by throwing combinations punches and switching angles with his class footwork making Aiken throwing punches into fresh air.

The fight was award to Kretchman with a unanimous decision on the score card from all the judges.

Meanwhile, a split decision denied Constantin C Raciun victory during a recent bout in Coleford.

Raciun faced Lydney ABC home boxer Farrell Jobson in an eagerly awaited super heavy weight tie which was the last of the evening.

A cagey start saw both boxers looking for the knockout punch sparring around the ring at a slow pace.

In the second round the footwork from Raciun increased and he threw some long and heavy shots which pushed Jobson backwards onto the ropes and into the corners.

Jobson responded in the final round and Raciun was forced to parry Jonson’s punches away.

The judges' scorecard was split decision making Jobson the winner.