COUNTY boxer Yusuf Abdallah says he feels he is on the right track in his development after narrowly losing a fight at South Wye Police Boxing Academy's annual show.

Abdallah felt he had won against Peter Love, but lost on a split decision.

"I thought in the first round, I took it on with clean punching and my jabs were working throughout the whole fight," said Abdallah.

"My right hand was going over the top and every time he tried to catch me, I would hit him with left hooks to the body and the head.

"He was throwing more punches, but in terms of punches that landed, I had the cleaner work.

"Fair play to him, he's a fit lad, but he had a cut, was bruised up from where I was landing my jabs, his nose was swelled up.

"I thought I had won it, but to lose to a lad that has been to the ABA Nationals last year in the under-20s category and is a year to two years ahead of me in terms of development, I'm not too disappointed.

"I thought I boxed well, but you win some and lose some.

"It's a bit disappointing, but you've got to take the positives from it and work on your game."

Abdallah, who trains with the South Wye club at their Hinton Road base, has won 12 out of his 14 fights, but the two defeats were on split decisions.

"I've never been outclassed, so I feel confident about my development," added Abdallah.

"I've had 11 fights in the space of five months, so I've been very active.

"I've won the West Midlands and Midlands titles, bronze medal in the nationals and won the British Universities Championship.

"You've got to stay busy and the more you fight, the sharper you are.

"As long as it's controlled and you're not fighting three times a week, you will develop at a steady rate."

South Wye Police Boxing Academy coach Vince McNally was delighted with how Abdallah performed.

"His opponent is in The Army's boxing team and works all day improving his skills," said Abdallah.

"Yusuf had 13 bouts and works full time at Hereford County Hospital and trains in between his studies to become a doctor.

"Even though he didn't get the decision, he behaved with such respect and dignity after the fight and is a boxer destined for bigger things."

Abdallah was part of an Elite UK team that lost 7-4 to the Armed Forces at a sold out Hereford Sixth Form College.

Another of South Wye Police Boxing Academy's members who fought on the night was Lee Blake, who saw off Dan Smith to the delight of his vocal supporters.

McNally said that Blake was a lot of weight in order to compete and was delighted with how he boxed.

"He's a very popular squad member who walked through our doors weighing 108kg last September and now weights 88kg," said McNally.

"From the very beginning, he was determined to box on our show and showed such strength of character that it made it an easy decision for our coaches to give him an opportunity to box.

"He forced his way to win, with his work rate increasing in the last 30 seconds of the last round, landing heavy shots on his RAF opponent to produce a well deserved win."

* JORDAN Thompson may have lost to Jack Stringer in the bout that would clinch the Hereford Times Cup to the Armed Forces, but the Jewellery Quarter fighter was still named best boxer on the night for the second successive year.

The bout was one of 11 that was staged at Hereford Sixth Form College, with Stringer's victory sealing the trophy.

The Armed Forces eventually won 7-4, with the best bout of the evening going to Clayton Bracknell's encounter against Sam Webster.

The Elite UK Select Team were comprised of boxers from across the Midlands, including two who train at South Wye Police Amateur Boxing.

Ammar Khan won the first contest for the UK team before Bradley Chapman knocked out Lewis Pritchard to level it up.

The Elite squad restored their advantage with Ameen Khan's win against Thomas Burton and went 3-1 up thanks to Bracknell's victory.

Ryan Bignell reduced the deficit after overcoming Nial Hatton before Robbie Matthews made it 3-3 by seeing off Connor Fleming.

The Armed Forces then went ahead for the first time when Peter Love won a split decision against home favourite Yusuf Abdallah and Luke Fisher and Stringer claimed wins.

South Wye's Lee Blake beat Dan Smith to reduce the deficit to two points before Mason Holmes beat Ryan Hatton in the last bout of the evening.

More than £2,000 was raised on the night for The Little Princess Trust, with HSBC pledging a further £1,000.

The event will be shown on Forces TV (Sky channel 264) at 9.20pm this Saturday.

"We are one of only four televised shows in the country, with last year's viewing figures being over 2.5million allowing our elite squad to be part of a very special televised event," said South Wye Police Boxing Academy coach Vince McNally.

"I would also like to thank Hereford Sixth Form College, as without them there is no show.

"They are our partners and are very supportive."