THE Combat Academy Karate Team have been in fine form again, this time collecting a glut of medals at the ECKA Milton Keynes Open.

The top performer was 17-year-old Ryan Hill, who made the step up to the adult advanced division.

He took gold in the advanced -75kg semi contact division, which was quickly followed by another gold in the advanced free-form section.

During one of his contests, Hill sustained an injury to his hand and was almost forced to pull out of the final for the advanced -75kg light continuous event.

But he managed to throw a number of combinations without using his injured hand and scored a number of points.

Hill was declared the victor to claim his third gold medal of the day.

Elsewhere, 13-year-old orange belt Craig Huttell claimed two gold medals in his semi contact and light continuous categories, as well as secuting fourth placed in the children open grade free-form.

Kay Parker also achieved double gold success in both the ladies +60kgs semi contact and light continuous, while Chelle Banes picked up two silver medals in the -60kg beginner - purple belt and adult beginner - brown belt free-form events.

Despite losing in the early rounds to the eventual winner of the boys -5ft advanced semi contact, 11-year-old Josh Small was not put off and reached the final in the light continuous.

For many people, it was deemed the fight of the day and a draw was declared followed excellent combinations and exchanged by the two opponents.

An extension round was subsequently called and another drawn was shown, leaving the centre referee to make the final decision.

Small was deemed to be the runner-up and had to settle for a silver medal.

Further medals came from Max Day (silver) in the -5ft 4 beginner - green belt light continuous class and Lisa Huttel (bronze) in the ladies -60kgs beginner - purple belt.

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