A 10-YEAR-OLD Herefordshire boy has become of one youngest taekwondo black belts in the country.

Marcus Ashfield, who started training when he was six, successfully achieved his 1st degree rank following an examination.

The youngster trains at Hall Family Taekwondo and is one of four students who recently undertook exams.

Jon Walsh has also gained his black belt after starting training aged 40, while assistant instructor Nicholas Slane successfully achieved his new rank of 2nd degree black belt.

And to complete the set, chief instructor Luke Hall claimed his 6thdegree black belt to become of of the youngest senior grades in the country aged 30.

"Gaining any progress with a black belt requires true grit and commitment which the students have shown in abundance," said instructor Sarah Hall.

"During the grading, they had to demonstrate their taekwondo skills and knowledge, including life skills such as self defence, as well as the usual sparring and traditional line work including a power test .

"We are extremely pleased with the effort and enthusiasm put in by the students both before the event and on the day."

If you would like to join the club, which offers a month's free training, or for more information, email info@halltkd.co.uk or visit halltkd.co.uk