EACH week, a figure connected with Hereford United will give his or her personal view on the situation at Edgar Street. This week, it’s Hereford United director Dave Preedy.

WHEN I was asked to write a piece for the Hereford Times, I planned to speak as a director and talk about the share issue, club finances, our current form and plans for new development etc.

But I decided I wanted to talk as a fan because, for me, it has always been my passion for this football club that drives me.

So let’s start with the Salisbury game last Thursday night.

The first-half was not the best. There was an easy first goal for them and then we gave them too much room again for the second goal, even though it was a wicked deflection.

We couldn’t argue about going in at half-time 2-0 down.

The second-half started much better. We scored and I thought, at 2-1, we had a chance.

I know we’re not playing well at the moment, but a bit of good luck wouldn’t go amiss. Their deflection goes in the goal, ours goes out for a corner.

We need to start winning games and when our confidence returns then we can start climbing up the league. We - the fans, players and management - all have a part to play.

We must start every game believing we can win, no matter who the opposition are.

At away games I have taken to standing with our fans for the second-half.

It brings back great memories of great away days and it’s good to hear the cheeky banter that still exists, just as it was on the Meadow End when I was growing up. One chant did make me smile ... it was the Salisbury fans singing a rather rude song about Ronnie Radford.

How fantastic that opposition fans are singing about one of our legends, I bet 95 per cent of those singing weren’t even born when Ronnie was making history.

They couldn’t have paid us a bigger compliment.

It’s the FA Cup this weekend, and I remember that a small club from the non league once beat one of the giants from the top tier of English football.

We have had great games against the likes of Arsenal, Spurs, West Ham, Newcastle, Leeds, Brentford, Wrexham in the Welsh Cup final, Halifax at the Walkers Stadium to name just a few, and I want our young fans to experience that same thrill.

There is no doubt that we need more fans to come to Edgar Street and to achieve that we must get things right on and off the pitch.

I applaud our fans who support us week in, week out, but we all know that we must get more people through the doors to join us.

Football is a cruel mistress and you have to experience the lows to appreciate the highs, and I for one will never stop believing in this great club of ours.