A MAGAZINE series dating back to 1914, that chronicled the First World War in real-time, has been donated to a charity book store in Hereford.

The rare volumes of The War Illustrated feature patriotic photographs, drawings and articles from the front.

In one issue Winston Churchill contributed “The right view of Verdun”, an article on a gruelling 9-month trenched battle in North-East France.

Staff at the Oxfam Books and Music shop are hoping that a collector may come forward to scoop up the magazines.

“These would be gold dust to a historian,” said Janet Gilbert, manager at the Broad Street store.

“I’ve never seen anything like them, while I’ve been here.

“The condition is superb.”

The War Illustrated was initially discontinued at the end of the conflict in 1919, but following the outbreak of World War II the magazine returned for a further 255 issues.

The collection handed in spans that era, featuring publications covering both wars across five different volumes.

Two of the volumes are complete, while the other three are missing just a few issues each.

At its peak, circulation for the magazine was around 750, 000 featuring articles from the likes of Winston Churchill and H. G. Wells.

While it started as a more sensationalist telling of heroic British exploits, by 1916 the magazine had become a more accurate record of events detailing progress at the front in its reports.

Ms Gilbert added: “We only accept rare or antiquated magazines – but it’s rare to get anything this old in this kind of condition.”

If you are interested in purchasing the magazines, you can call in to the store at 36 Broad Street or call 01432 279527.

Hereford Times: Woodland Trust