THE three young Herefordshire men stare proudly back at you through the sepia mists of time.

It’s a formal photograph taken nearly 100 years ago, on the eve of their departure to Suvla Bay, Gallipoli – one of the many names heavy with historic resonance because of the First World War.

It’s become etched in our collective consciousness and like many others – Ypres, Somme, Verdun – is infamous for the horrors that unfolded there.

The postcard comes to us from Bob Davies, from Ewyas Harold. It came to him from the Ewyas Lacy Study Group, members wondered whether he could identify the men. We know the card was sent in 1915 to Mr J Cole of the Pontrilas store.

It was family business that lasted over 100 years, closing in 2000. The unknown men were in the second line of the Herefordshire Regiment, that is the Second Battalion, which was the home unit from which reserves were drawn. The boys must be from the Pontrilas area since they asked Mr Cole not to tell their families that they have volunteered.

In August 1915 the First Battalion suffered heavy losses at Suvla bay in Gallipoli, so they may well have got their wish. It looks as though one of the men has put his Regimental number on the card and it looks as though he is in “C” company.

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Hereford Times: Woodland Trust