A YOUNG girl suffering from leukaemia has experienced complications since having her lifesaving bone marrow transplant.

Lily Filmer, aged eight, had her transplant on May 26, however the young girl has experienced a bad turn since the surgery.


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Mum Kayleigh Chapman said “things aren’t looking too great” as little Lily was unable to move her legs for a week and was having regular high temperatures.

The little girl had an EEG – which monitors brain activity - where results showed that her brain is working a lot harder and slower and has led to her feeling drowsy and confused.

Mrs Chapman said her daughter had started asking “strange” questions such as “why have the nurses got jelly?”

The mum, from Drakes Broughton, shared on Lily’s Freedom Fight Facebook page: “She’s on the right path.

“She has wiggled her toes a tiny bit today which is amazing! And she has been asking us all to move her legs every 5 minutes which also shows that she is feeling more however still a long way to go before she has control over them.

“She is showing tiny improvements but still spending 23 hours a day sleeping.

“She is still saying some very random things. Today she told her consultant she wanted some fresh white bread in her sleep...... and now I’ve been fancying a fresh loaf with butter on all day.

“More results are back showing that there’s no viral or bacterial infection showing in her spinal fluid.

“She is in the right place and even though it’s taking its toll on the whole family, our end goal is to get Lily on the mend and home with her sisters and brothers.

“She is stable for now, which is making me very happy.”

Lily has been back at Birmingham Children’s Hospital for 10 weeks.

She rang the end of treatment bell in August last year, after fighting acute lymphoblastic leukaemia since her diagnosis at the age of five. But, four months after getting the all clear she relapsed.