AN animal rescue charity shop in Tenbury that was badly hit by the flooding in February is appealing for volunteers to help out.

It also wants people who have items to donate for sale to take them along.

Little Meadow Animal Rescue just outside Tenbury has been helping injured and sick wildlife for many years.

It was set up by Graham Stephens who now gives almost all his time to the work.

The centre specialises in helping wild animals but it also has some small dogs that it tries to find new and foster homes for.

Wildlife that have been treated by the Centre include more than 300 hedgehogs, ponies, donkeys and alpacas.

Graham says that he and his team of 15 volunteers have helped more than 300 hedgehogs.

Hedgehog numbers have been in serious decline in large measure because of loss of habitat.

Part of this is because it is harder for them to travel between gardens.

The most unusual creature looked after the centre was an African pygmy hedgehog.