A GAY rugby team has been launched in Worcester which aims to include everyone from ‘all walks of life’.

The Worcester Saxons Inclusive Gay Men’s Rugby team was set up by Andrew McDonough in January this year. The gay inclusive team was designed to enter the International Gay Rugby (IGR) league which they will start playing next year.

Captain of the team, Mr McDonough said: “The team is built on loyalty and trust and it is just every walk of life in a gay men’s inclusive team, meaning gay, bisexual, and straight men can join.

“This team shows that the LGBT community in Worcestershire is very strong, and full of competence rugby players who identify as LGBT. We are not your typical stereotypical bunch. It’s just guys who like playing rugby.”


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He added: “The team has done well and has more matches lined up in the coming months as friendlies, as well as charity games and IGR membership games.

“It’s an exciting time for the Saxons, it’s building every day. It’s about giving something back to the city and people that helped me.”

The team began with four players and have been training within the mixed ability team at the Worcester Rugby Football Club (WRFC).

The Worcester Saxons are recruiting five new players a week through social media and currently stand at 30 regular trainees and additional 15 ready to start training.

Mr McDonough, from Worcester said: “The ethos for the Saxons is ‘rugby for all’ and the team is strong and united in developing and working toward cup finals and tournaments.

"The team is growing rapidly, and we have had sponsors come into play and recognition nationwide for how fast it’s growing.

"The WRFC has been a supportive and excellent addition in building the Saxons and we whole heartedly agree we would not be where we are without them. They helped build us and train us as individual players under their mixed ability training."