SPEEDING around a city estate is down to “posh” estate cars not ‘boyracers’, a police officer has said.

Residents of Warndon Villages have long complained about modified car owners ‘racing’, however, PC Jason Hart said BMW and Mercedes drivers are at least as much to blame for dangerous driving.

The constable, a member of Warndon Safer Neighbourhood Team, patrolled around A4440 Trotshill Way and down to KFC in Elgar Retail Park, Blackpole Road, where the car enthusiasts often congregate, on Saturday night.

“I sat up there for about two hours, up and down the [A4440], saw lots of cars speeding but they were posh cars, we’ll call them,” the officer said at Monday’s Warndon Parish Council meeting.

“They were quiet, they were Mercedes, BMW that side of things. Reps’ cars we’ll call them,” he continued.

“I heard one exhaust that kicked off, probably at the KFC car park, [but] I was at the other end. I started up but it disappeared as quick as I heard it. Didn’t manage to find out who it was.”

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He said he had headed out after a call came in that evening from a resident complaining about “loud noises”, adding similar reports have increased a “little bit” recently.

Council chairman Andrew Cross asked PC Hart if there are any trends appearing in regards to the ‘boyracer’ problem, and the officer said: “It’s intermittent, it always has been. The Sunday evenings seem to be a potential [time for reports].”

“There’s certainly no racing going on, as it’s often reported as racing,” he said.

“I’ve no doubt that the kids were at one place, they’ve gone to KFC from somewhere, probably used the fact it’s a straight road, it’s dark to have a little burn.

“There’s certainly no up and down, not when I was there.

“I spent two hours up there the other night, up and down, and parked up and the worst offenders were the nice cars that were clearly speeding but they are quiet so nobody cares about them do they.”

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As reported on Wednesday, PC Hart admitted at the same meeting, officers “can never catch” the off-road motorbikes tearing down Trotshill Way and a footpath that connects it to the estate.

County councillor Andy Roberts said a metal fence has been ordered to prevent the path being used as an illegal thoroughfare for the bikers.