A CITY second-hand shop looks set to close after the owner admitted she doesn’t “have the heart to do it anymore”.

Posters have been displayed in the window of Odds & Sods, in London Road, Worcester, advertising a “clearance sale” with everything being sold at 50 per cent off.

The owner and manager, who wished to remain anonymous, bought the shop with her husband 21 years ago, and said she put up the posters as she is looking to sell the business space and has had some interested parties.

“It’s just one of those things, as we’ve got older we feel we want to move on to do something else,” she said.

The couple own the premises as well as the flat upstairs, where they live, and the owner said they are under not necessarily under pressure to find a new occupier while they decide what to do.

“When we originally bought it, it was an investment, with the intention to rent it out.”

However, they then decided to open and run the shop, which mostly sells pieces of furniture and small electronics, with their then-young children in tow.

But with the owner’s husband getting a new job in recent years and with the children having grown up and moved out, she has lost the energy to steer the ship alone.

“When you get to my age you sometimes take a different turn in life,” she said. “But I really just don’t know what I am going to do in future.”

She said the rise of online services like eBay mean people are using second-hand shops less and less, adding: “I know times are changing but people have become lazy.

“They won’t get off their backsides and walk into shops anymore because they don’t need to.”

She went on to say the Tesco Express-Esso petrol station across the road also means “little businesses are being killed” in the area.

Asked if there were any memorable items she bought for the shop over the years, she said a woman once came in with a cheese knife and “wanted me to buy it”.

“We used to get a lot of people try to sell you something for a couple of quid to buy food or whatever.

“If it’s something we don’t want, it’s hard but it’s not our responsibility,” she added.