RESIDENTS are angry over a gym’s plan to erect two “intrusive” signs outside their homes on top of an apparent intention to begin operating 24/7.

P2F Health Club in Diglis is set to become Anytime Fitness next month and as part of the re-brand has asked council planners for permission to put up a pair of illuminated signs.

While a message allegedly sent to members of the gym promised: "Your club will become 24 hours" – though current permission only permits operating between 8am and 11pm.

The council has received an allegation that the business is operating outside of the permitted opening hours. 

26 objections have been sent in via the council’s planning portal since the application for the signs, one of which is 4.95m, was submitted on June 17.

While the city planning enforcement team has warned the business owners a new application will need to be made if they wish to operate outside the permitted opening times.

"As yet, we have not received a new application," a council spokesman added.

City councillor Lynn Denham said: "It's a huge concern if a new business wants to completely change when it operates and businesses should always be mindful when operating in a residential area.

"The business has not involved local residents or councillors at all."

She added that residents had told her the gym currently often opens at 6am. Referring to the proposed signage, the councillor said one sign "will be shining straight into people's bedrooms".

On the planning portal, Diglis resident and member of the residents group Nigel Lister said the signs would be "in a residential area of apartments with insufficient footfall to warrant such a large sign let alone an illuminated one".

Mehrdad Hajihassany said the residents group would be writing to the management of the estate to "not allow any illuminated sign to be attached to our building before we consider any legal action".

An Anytime Fitness spokesman said the operator is "currently in consultation" regarding the opening times, with an answer expected in two weeks.

He added: "All of our UK clubs are individually owned and we always work closely with communities across the country to ensure our clubs become valued additions to the local area."