YOUNG cyclists gathered in Worcester city centre for a ride out.

Josh Clarke, aged 22, said: “I know many of us younger riders have been said to ride through the area pulling wheelies and such but that’s just a small minority.

“Most of us are respectful of the law and wouldn’t put anyone in danger so we’re here for a peaceful ride to show that we can ride well.

“One or two spoilt it for the rest of us in the past but there’s always going to be a few who play up.”

Around 50 young cyclists gathered near to Cathedral Square just before noon for an unspecified riding route.

Riders formed an orderly procession and the majority respected the rules of the road.

Paula Clarke, aged 42, said: “My son [Josh Clarke] has been on the end of abuse from the public.

“He’s been shouted at when riding with his mates to go and get a job but he does have a job and he’s a respectful young man with a bright future.

“I’m here today to support him and the riders who just hang around doing tricks on their bikes and not causing any harm to anybody.

"I hate it when people generalise and take one example of poor behaviour and tar everyone with the same brush.

"There's good and bad in all walks off life.

"People criticise young people for sitting around playing computer games all day but today they're out here standing up for their right to ride.

"Adults forget they were teenagers once and rode - let them have their time as it will soon pass."

There was a low-key police presence, monitoring for any situations that may have developed.

Worcester News readers have highlighted several incidents of teens recklessly doing wheelies with readers slamming the growing trend as dangerous and risking lives.

And West Mercia Police have previously said: “When seen we try to stop and educate the persons on this behaviour and the dangers involved.

"Persons repeating this behaviour will be reported to our anti-social behaviour department and dealt with accordingly.”

The riders organised the gathered by using social media.