WORCESTER'S MP has given the Prime Minister his firm backing after her chaotic conference speech.

Robin Walker offered his support to Theresa May, who has been at the centre of a media storm after her Conservative party conference speech became news for all the wrong reasons.

First Mrs May fell foul of a prankster who approached the stage brandishing a P45 before she was overtaken by a coughing fit.

In a further blow, as she was speaking some of the magnetic letters spelling out the party's slogan fell from the wall behind her.

However, Mr Walker said people he had spoken to in the city had said they could see past the problems.

He said: "The key thing I felt and what I've heard from local people since the conference is people want to see the government delivering on a strong economy and a successful Brexit negotiation.

"This is part of what the Prime Minister is trying to do and I think we should all get behind her.

"It's important for people to remember in all the excitement of pranks and coughs that earlier this year this Prime Minister and the Conservative party won millions of votes, the biggest share of the vote we've had in Worcester for decades and we won the mandate to take the country forward.

"It (the speech) was a really difficult thing for her to see through and she did see it through.

"Anyone who watched the whole speech saw she's really passionate about seeing the job through and doing her duty.

"I don't feel people think because someone is coughing or bits of the stage fall apart that makes them less of a serious leader.

"That's the reaction from people I'm getting."