Cadbury has revealed its Dairy Milk Orange Chocolate Bar has been discontinued.

The confectionary company is responsible for a range of popular chocolates including Boost, Crunchie, Creme Eggs and the classic Dairy Milk.

Several chocolates have been axed from Cadbury's product range recently. 

In November (2023), Cadbury confirmed it had discontinued its peanut caramel crisp chocolate bar after just five years on UK shelves.

Then in the lead up to Easter this year the company revealed Mini Eggs chocolate cartons "will not be returning", a decision it said was based on the "changing tastebuds" of Cadbury fans. 

Cadbury reveals Dairy Milk Orange Chocolate Bar has been discontinued

Now it has been revealed the Dairy Milk Orange Chocolate Bar (180g) has also joined the list of recently discontinued Cadbury products.

A Mondelēz International (owners of Cadbury) spokesperson, in The Sun, said: "We continuously adapt our product range to ensure it meets changing tastes whilst supporting growth for our customers and business.

“Our Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Chocolate Bar (180g) was discontinued in January 2024, but our delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Buttons are still available for consumers to enjoy.”

The sweet treat was launched back in 2021 following the success of other chocolate orange Cadbury products, according to The Sun. 

These chocolates included the likes of an orange Twirl (2019) and orange Buttons and Fingers (2020).


But its not been all bad news for Cadbury fans, with a number of new chocolates being released in stores across the UK recently.

A new Cadbury Creme Egg chocolate bar was launched in the UK at the back end of last year.

While in 2024 fans have been treated to the release of two new Dairy Milk chocolate bars - More Nutty Praline Crisp and More Caramel Nut Crunch.