BBC iPlayer will be shut down on several devices from today, March 11.

It comes as the streaming services previously confirmed that some devices will no longer be able to regularly download shows or films onto devices so they can be watched later without an internet connection.

Other services including Netflix, Prime Video and Disney Plus all offer the same download feature, however, BBC iPlayer is now changing theirs today.

The change will mean that downloading BBC iPlayer onto certain devices will be blocked.

Full list of devices blocked from BBC iPlayer

The full list of affected devices that will no longer be able to download items from BBC iPlayer from March 11 are: 

  • Windows 10 
  • Windows 11 
  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Air 
  • MacBooks

Previously confirming the change, the BBC released the following statement: "We have started the process of closing the Desktop Downloads App.

"Downloading programmes from a computer or laptop will no longer be available from Monday, March 11 but you can still watch your existing downloads until Monday 8 April 2024."

Adding: "You can also still download your favourite programmes on your mobile device, and add programmes to your Watchlist to return later."


On February 2, affected devices were blocked from downloading the BBC iPlayer app.

On April 8, all affected devices will no longer be able to use BBC iPlayer, meaning you won't be able to watch the likes of EastEnders, Call the Midwife, Waterloo Road, and sports coverage.

However, although some devices will no longer be able to use BBC iPlayer, all smartphones and tablets will be unaffected by the change.

This means that devices including iPhones, Samsung Galaxy's and iPads will be able to download shows and films.