Tesco has confirmed a big change for those who regularly shop online and use their home delivery service.

The retailer, who have hundreds of branches across the UK, said a feature that was prevously suspended earlier in the year due to the coronavirus pandemic, has returned.

What is the change for online shoppers?

Tesco's Delivery Saver plan - which stopped back in April - resumed on Wednesday, July 1.

The supermarket giant say the move will make it easier for their most loyal customers to easily pick a delivery slot.

In an email to shoppers, Tesco said: "As you know, we suspended Delivery Saver payments in April, which allowed us to support 580,000 vulnerable customers with 1.1million orders.

"We couldn't have done this without your patience and understanding.

"We’re now planning to restart Delivery Saver plans from 1 July."

Hereford Times:

What else has changed?

Tesco has also updated the maximum item restriction for their deliveries.

When lockdown began in March, orders were limited to a maximum item number of 80.

Now, the limit has been increased to a maximum of 85 items.

What is the Tesco Delivery Saver plan?

Delivery Saver is Tesco's subscription-based delivery service, which they say is designed to help shoppers reduce the cost of home deliveries for their grocery orders.

The plans come with a variety of benefits - which include:

  • Free delivery on shopping across all of Tesco's online departments.
  • If shoppers spend more on a plan than they would have done on deliveries, the retailer will email them an eCoupon with the difference - all within 21 days of their plan ending.
  • Customers will also earn points on every Delivery Saver payment, as well as collecting points on their shopping.
  • Online shoppers will also be able to get early access for delivery slots at Christmas and Easter.