A DELIVERY driver has been cleared of causing death by careless driving following a crash near Bromyard.

Brian Haydon, aged 52, of Fir Crescent, Brierley Hill, collided with motorcyclist Michael Young while delivering parcels to a house on the A44 near Bredenbury.

During a four-day trial, Worcester Crown Court heard that Mr Haydon decided to turn his Transit van at an angle across the carriageway in order to be able to park at the entrance of a dirt track and have easy access back onto the main road.

But Mr Young, a married RAC patrolman, came around a bend on a rise from the direction of Leominster before Mr Haydon had completed the manoeuvre.

The 43-year-old was out for a leisure ride when the crash happened on May 19.

Witness John Wilkinson told police that he estimated that Mr Young was riding at nearly 100mph, but Judge Abas Mithani said that no one could be sure how fast he was going.

The defendant, who was moving at 10mph, had begun work that day at 7.30am and had delivered 20 parcels.

He could see no vehicle approaching as he turned right and believed he would have to reverse back onto the A44 if he had gone up the dirt track.

Mr Haydon, who had driven 57,000 miles in 14 months, was left “devastated” by the accident.

The judge said Mr Young’s family had lost a loved one but it was also “a very sad case” for the defendant and his family.

Prosecutor Nicolas Cartwright alleged that Mr Haydon, who had no previous convictions, drove below the required standard of a competent and careful driver and said that he should have gone further forward where he had a better view of the road ahead.

But Michelle Brown, defending, said he was trying to leave his van in a safe position and avoid backing out onto the main road.