I would like to clarify the local planning authority's position on the continued negotiations on contributions being sought through the development by Crest Nicholson Homes of the housing site at Holmer, Hereford.

There have been lengthy discussions on a wide range of potential benefits for the local community. Herefordshire Council has been made aware of the aspirations of the community through the public consultation undertaken by the developer but has not held formal discussions with community groups.

The Hereford Times last week put significant emphasis on the provision of a skateboard park, which has been promoted by the developer. The article's use of terms such as the "list of gifts" is misleading. The legal requirement is for developers to make contributions towards local facilities to offset any adverse impact the development may have. The council's desire is to secure tangible benefits for the community.

The article also wrongly attributes to the principal planning officer the quote that it is "a sure bet" for the skate park. While the developer has placed a strong emphasis on the skate park, the council sees any contributions as being part of a wider package of recreational improvements that could be secured through the development. This has yet to be finalised.

Peter Yates, Development Control Manager, Herefordshire Council.