DURING the month of October, Angela and I have visited places of worship in the deaneries of Kington and Weobley, Leominster, Bromyard and Hereford.

We have visited some 150 churches and chapels to date, out of a total of 333 places of worship within the county of Herefordshire. It is pleasing to have found the vast majority open to the visitor, and surprising to see how much renovation work is being undertaken.

It has been a privilege and has proved somewhat of a humbling experience thus far into our pilgrimage': a privilege to pray where generations have done so through the ages, and humbling because of the overwhelming support and encouragement received by all the people we have met along our way.

Where possible we have signed the Visitors' Book and written the message Beautiful the day when touched by kindness'. We have also left an individual letter at each place of worship explaining the reasons for the pilgrimage'.

We are asking for prayers of hope for cancer sufferers undergoing treatment; prayers of thanksgiving for patients in remission; prayers of sympathy for the bereaved; and prayers for guidance to those who have the responsibility of making the decision whether to provide radiotherapy treatment at Hereford.

And finally, we are seeking to raise a total of £25,000 by our pilgrimage and our visits to the 333 places of worship: the money raised will go towards the building of the the new Macmillan Renton Cancer Unit at Hereford.

It is hoped to complete the pilgrimage by the end of November. We ask all congregations to support us on our journey, and pray for its success.

Details of our journey can be seen on www.herefordtimes.com.

ALLAN AND ANGELA LLOYD, Campaigners for Radiotherapy Treatment at Hereford.