THE Hereford Times has published many letters in recent months from readers complaining about the traffic chaos in the city, and the inconvenience of the redevelopment of High Town.

While I have sympathy for such points of view I have never felt compelled to put pen to paper and write to my local newspaper, as any major road works, and a city centre revamp will inevitably cause great inconvenience whenever scheduled. Even with a little better planning, some people were always likely to suffer when such major projects are in progress.

Yet when I read that Herefordshire Council had been heavily criticised for wasting £2 million of taxpayers' money on a possible relocation exercise of their offices, I could not help thinking that here was a prime example of an organisation that was engaged in a totally unnecessary and wasteful use of public money.

When the Hereford Times reported that the cost of relocating most council offices to Plough Lane would cost about £15 million, this was followed by reports that the cost could be £30 million. Even then, few letters of complaint from residents were published in the Hereford Times. Perhaps, residents are more worried about waste of their time in traffic queues rather than waste of their money?

It is easy to write letters of criticism concerning the council as, whatever they do will not please everyone. But, when the council complains that it is strapped for cash' and must cut services, yet finds it easy to fritter away' the hard earned cash of local council taxpayers' money, I feel incensed.

Some of us, who worked hard and looked forward to enjoying a happy retirement, now find that constant, high annual increases in council tax demands are eroding our savings. To read that our council is being profligate in its spending policies merely adds insult to injury.

It is high time that councillors demonstrated greater accountability and financial responsibility - just as they do on our doorsteps prior to elections. Actions speak much louder than mere words.

DAVID PRICE, Webb Tree Avenue.

THE letters published in the Hereford Times reflect those that have been received. Editor.