WHEN Asda was granted permission to build a store adjacent to the old Belmont roundabout, we were promised many things – including a health centre.

This highly effective and useful “walk in” facility south of the river is a vital resource that should be maintained, not relocated to the already overcrowded County Hospital site.

The ever-expanding population south of the Wye is desperately short of vital resources, which necessitates long journeys, timewise, crossing Greyfriars Bridge to use centres located in our congested city.

News that the County Hospital is to increase its parking charges, and will continue to do so every year, is an extra helping of really good news. The charges for parking are exorbitant even if you can actually find a space at certain times of the day.

So why is it deemed suitable to relocate to such an overloaded site?

Promises made by our council and health authority are yet again being broken, even though we are constantly told that they will listen to us. But they seem to be suffering form collective deafness. Possibly they need to pop into the “walk in” centre at Asda?