ARE you a local resident? Familiar with the highways and byways of Hereford city? Then you are indeed fortunate.

Not for you the puzzlement that we see all too often on the faces of visitors to our fair city as they try to find their way around.

If you stand in the middle of Commercial Street at the junction with Bath Street you can see five streets.

How many street names can you see on these streets? Not one.

Every direction is anonymous. Want to find the Crown Court? You are on your own.

Want to identify the Shire Hall when you stand right outside it? Nothing doing.

This is not the way to make people feel welcome or to help the city function properly.

If you want to see some proper signage I suggest you go to Brockhampton and look at the new fingerboards the estate has erected outside its refurbishment of Ladyridge Farm. This is a quality, properly produced and executed piece of street furniture.

The Brockhampton Estate is not a charity but a business-minded commercial enterprise looking to entice people into its new offices. The very same sort of people we should try to get into Hereford.

I know there is a recession and that everything costs money, but let’s be creative. Offer some quality products and seek out sponsorship, both from local business and from the parish organisations.

If you want people to come to your part of Herefordshire make it look attractive!