I WONDER on what Pauline Burgess (Readers’ Times October 9) bases her belief that cattle “face terror and pain as they face their premature deaths at the slaughterhouse”?

We take some of our livestock direct to the abattoir and have never seen or heard any evidence of either. Apart from any other considerations (and the very strict regulations which govern the process), a terrified animal is a dangerous one and the staff have every reason to make the process as humane as possible. I also wonder on what basis “animal farming represents squandering and misuse of scarce natural resources”?

No cows equals no beef, milk, cheese, butter or leather; no pigs equals no pork, bacon or ham; no sheep equals no wool, lamb or mutton; no poultry equals no chicken or eggs. Livestock grazing is the only way to produce food on upland and mountain areas where the soil is too poor to grow crops.

The UK has the highest standards of animal husbandry in the world – not producing livestock-based food here merely exports production to countries where standards are lower or non-existent.

I expect Ms Burgess enjoys the beautiful views from her home town of Malvern – they are there because of centuries of farming has made them that way.

GILLIAN HERBERT, Hareley Farm, Linley Green