WHEN I read Jesse Norman's comments regarding the Hereford town plan and the success of major investments previously made – which include the GP medical centre – I had to check whether he was talking about Hereford, Texas.

The Hereford medical centre has been a disaster for the majority of users. It is taking up to an hour to talk to anyone by phone.

He says we needed to attract and nurture high-value businesses with skilled employees and better pay.

What actually happened is Hereford city centre became an extensive hot food marketplace, employing mainly part-time minimum-wage low-skilled employees.

You cannot create a thriving city centre economy with resource centres and libraries – this is not Oxford.

The main streets are lined with business for sale or let notices.

Over the last three years Hereford has had one of the biggest increases in store closures in the West Midlands. H Samuel, Lakeland, Steamer Trading and Debenhams being the more recent.

Herefordshire Council needs to support and reassure major retail businesses instead of just encouraging cafes to put tables and chairs on our streets.

It needs a joined up strategy formulated by business leaders, not dreamers.

Garry Cullen