It is a breath of fresh air to read the views of newly elected councillor Ann-Marie Probert, who has a sensible logical approach to the issues surrounding the traffic system in Hereford.

She is 100% correct that a bypass with additional river crossings is essential to alleviate the ridiculous traffic congestion in our city.


The reality is that whilst we can encourage walking and cycling the majority of road users will not walk or cycle when going to work or shopping and trades people have to carry tools and equipment in their vehicles to carry out their work so to say they should cycle or walk is not practical.

And the assessment that there is only 7% through traffic is well wide of the mark.

The large majority of Herefordians desperately want a bypass so at the next local elections I would urge any politician to do as Ann-Marie did and put it at the top of their agenda and let’s get this done.

Along with the urgent need for a bypass we should also look at traffic flow within the city there seems to be an abundance of traffic lights which at peak times restrict the free flow of traffic in peak flow directions, such as the bottom of Aylestone Hill, at peak times it is grid locked but once passed that junction it is clear, a roundabout would allow a much smoother flow of traffic there and at many other junctions.

Another subject that crops up regularly is litter dropping and fly tipping, why do we complain about it so much without taking real action. For litter dropping as a first offence we should impose community service of 100 hours, dedicated to litter picking and for second or further offences £1,000 fine. Regarding fly tipping just go straight to a fine of £5,000 or a three month prison sentence.

Implement and enforce these penalties and we would see a much cleaner county we could be proud of.

Phil Bufton


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