An outstanding school finds itself under attack this week (March 4) for its excellent RSE curriculum. These lessons are in line with Catholic teaching and values and reflect deeply held beliefs about the human person and the nature of relationships, marriage and family life. Imagine the surprise among many in the small Catholic community in Herefordshire, including myself, to see the Green Party cabinet member for Hereford, Felicity Norman, misrepresent the content of "A Fertile Heart" in a wholly disingenuous way.

Given that a central part of the Greens' education policy is to abolish all schools of a religious nature, it is not hard to see what is going on here.

St Mary's High School has every right to share Catholic teaching so that our young people can make truly informed life choices for themselves. The attack by Felicity Norman and others this week looks less like concern for young people and more like anti-religious bigotry.

Mrs Bernadette Eakin


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