I would like to ask Cllr. Bob Matthews to clarify his position on the potential environmental impact of the LED street lights that are installed in Hereford.

In a Hereford Times article July 15, 2018) I was pleased to see that Cllr Matthews was raising concerns over research linking exposure to LED lights and cancer. The research found that exposure to LED lights doubles the risk of prostate cancer and increases the risk of breast cancer by 50%. Cllr. Matthews asked the council if they were aware of these findings and what action was being taken. It was reassuring to know that at least one council member appeared to be genuinely concerned about a serious public health issue rather than automatically bowing to government policies.

However, at the council meeting on Friday, March 8 2019, Cllr. Matthews boasted regarding Hereford's LED street lights, "Yours truly did all the spade-work - with the officers; went all around the country to put this scheme in place. So, that's what started the system and I'm delighted to see it's come to fruition."

Whilst Cllr. Matthews may not have known about the cancer link when he was 'doing the spade-work', he has been aware of the link since last July, so why, in March 2019, is he delighted to see that many people in Hereford are now exposed to these cancer-causing lights?

The fact that LED lights use 65% less electricity is not a satisfactory argument. There are other ways to save electricity. I am not yet aware of a means of bringing back those who die of cancer.

Hilary Boughton

Welsh Newton Common