Jonathan Gammond is kind to praise my "intelligent views and independence of mind". But he's wrong to think they ended in 2015, still less that I have taken a vow of silence.

It is true that I have always fought against the division, tribalism, shouting and rudeness associated with so much of the Brexit debate, on all sides. What we need are decency, courtesy, warmth and a positive outlook.

That has always been my approach as an MP, and it always will be.

On Brexit: if people want to catch up on the latest news, there are plenty of national newspapers and media outlets they can turn to.

Local papers are, mainly, for local issues. That's why I have always tended to keep my columns in the Hereford Times and other local papers to local issues, such as our recent campaign to save the Broadleys pub in South Wye from closure.

But at key moments in the Brexit debate, I have set out my views for Herefordians. So I have written columns on the EU Referendum, on the High Court ruling, on triggering Article 50, on the EU Withdrawal Bill, and on the threat to the constitution posed by some of the Speaker's actions.

Anyone wanting to know more has only to spend a couple of minutes online to see that I am on my feet in the House of Commons every week discussing Brexit and taking new laws to prepare for Brexit through the House of Commons; laws without which Herefordshire - and the country - would be ill-prepared indeed.

Or they can come to one of my surgeries. Or call me. Or drop me an email, as Mr Gammond has done on many occasions over the past decade, much to my benefit.

Jesse Norman MP