I hereby admit to having unfair and biased opinions regarding our local NHS facilities and treatments.

Having listened to a select few tales of woe regarding experiences in hospital it was with some degree of fear and trembling that I was recently dragged, kicking and screaming, into Hereford Hospital for an operation.

First of all, I have what is termed 'needle phobia', and can hear a needle approaching from at least 20 paces. On this occasion, the anaesthetist, realising this phobia is most common amongst big, strong chaps, couldn't have been more careful or considerate. She actually got down on her knees to insert the canula whilst my arm was hanging out of sight, and whilst a six foot 'doorman' was distracting me on the other.

Apart from suffering from the medically recognised 'overactive knife and fork syndrome', I also have a very poor history with anaesthetics and their ability to dull anything larger than my big toe. I was therefore given a dose of 'goodnight cocoa' sufficient to wipe out a whole herd of elephants. Thankfully, I remember nothing until I woke up with some decorative stitching and some angelic apparitions asking how I felt, and telling me not to eat until the following morning.

The point of all this is to bring to public attention the fact that, however strapped for cash, equipment, bed space or staff withing our local, or indeed nationwide NHS, they have a resource that money cannot buy.

My experience showed up a fantastic team of caring people - at all levels - who really went above and beyond what most of us would expect. For what reward? I ask myself. Thank you all. You are a credit to our local hospital.

Finally, an apology to the person in the recovery ward who had ordered, and was expecting, chicken pie and chips. Sorry, but I came to with a severe bout of food deprivation!

Rob Milan