I applaud the Bishop of Hereford's Talking Point this week (January 24). He firmly states that the church's task is always to stand up for the poor. It is precisely the less fortunate in our country on whom the impact of Brexit will fall most heavily if indeed it comes about. Both our Archbishops have also made similar statements.

Even our non-political Queen has now voiced dismay at the venom and divisive aggression that is making our country unrecognisable. What has happened to our famously tolerant land is heartbraking. Britain is part of Europe. How can it not be? The European Union was formed to co-operate, to avoid future wars, to improve conditions for all.

No man is an island entire of itself/everyman is a piece of the continent/a part of the main.

John Donne wrote these words having returned to England from a diplomatic mission for the English court and having witnessed the ravages and horrors of the Thirty Year War, starving people, homeless, appalling hardship.

So, well done the Church of England talking sense in tolerant and measured language and warning of the impact if Brexit were to happen.

Donne continued: Any man's death diminishes me/because I am involved with mankind/therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls/it tolls for thee.

Having lived through World War II and my family having suffered considerably with so many others, let's just stop and think and learn from recent history.

Maja Storey