In letters last week the question was asked do our politicians use the NHS?

One of our family recently used the NHS. All staff involved gave us amazing service and we cannot thank them enough.

Unfortunately, the WW1 troopers' lament that they were "lions led by donkeys" sprang to mind.

During WW1 the donkeys were the product of an outdated class system that produced the likes of Blackadder's unintelligent, incompetent, pompous warmonger, General Melchett.

Today's donkeys are the product of a broken political system unfit for the modern world.

A system whereby any old donkey, with the right colour rosette pinned to their chest, will get them elected to Parliament.

We will continue get the political leaders we deserve if we vote for a person "based on the colour of their rosette rather than the content of their character".

Brian Organ

Sutton St Nicholas