It’s urgent
THIS week I have visited Herefordshire Council’s exhibition about the Hereford area plan and the Hereford transport package.
A key map shows a Hereford bypass corridor. We are told that a selection of routes within this corridor will be consulted on towards the end of 2017. 
The corridor shown crosses the River Wye through the hamlet of Warham, and continues north towards Kings Acre Road. 
The corridor is narrow through rural Breinton, although to my certain knowledge there has never been a public consultation on the location of this corridor, not even when the core strategy was examined. 
Herefordshire Council therefore seems to be pre-determining at least part of the route without consultation, and this cannot be acceptable. 
Local people know that there are important and unusual ecological habitats, including ancient woodland, throughout Breinton and Belmont, but it is only now that the council is carrying out ecological and other surveys, and only within the chosen corridor. 
Until they do know what is present, how can this corridor alone be justified as including a best route for a bypass? 
Further north, the bypass corridor becomes very wide along Kings Acre Road, from Fayre Oaks on the city boundary to beyond Wyevale Nurseries. 
This preserves plenty of choice for Herefordshire Council on where a bypass may cross Kings Acre Road, but some people’s homes would have to be demolished, so this also increases uncertainty and worry for a large number of home owners. 
This, again, is unacceptable. 
I would like to see a public consultation on this bypass corridor without delay.
Dr Nichola Geeson
Kings Acre Road

Great hospital
I WANT to praise Hereford County Hospital.
I have only lived in Hereford for 11 years but have had several life-threatening operations carried out there. 
I have been treated with great care and compassion and I have nothing but admiration for the hospital and staff.
At the other end of the scale, the complete lack of sense that our council have is astounding. 
Potholes now have to be reported and eventually they might get bodged, if there are some more nearby these will not get “repaired” because they have not been reported, not very cost effective.
East Hampshire District Council have lowered their rates for the second year running and are stating that by 2021 they could scrap council tax altogether. Can we send some of our boys to see how this is carried out?

Ancestor hunt
I AM hoping that someone in the Hereford area can help me find an ancestor.  
John Turner was born around 1797-8 we believe in Herefordshire.  
He was convicted at the Hereford assizes on 21 August 1821 and transported to Australia on the’ Guilford’.
He may have joined the army in 1815 and discharged from injury in 1819 (if the two are the same).  
This is all the information we have so if anyone has any information, no matter how small, we would greatly appreciate it.  
77 Alberga Street

Kind helpers
I WOULD like to publicly thank the two ladies from Bodenham who came to my assistance on Monday, March 27 after I had fallen on the pedestrian crossing near Morrisons Store here. 
Not only did they help me regain my feet but insisted on driving me to my destination in Leominster and ensuring that I reached my destination of the Community Hospital.
This was a kindness of the highest order and my gratitude is heartfelt. 
Being elderly and of very impaired vision, the help given to me is so much appreciated.
I have forgotten names but to both of them mother and daughter; God Bless.
Hugely unjust
Is the Hereford Times’ readership aware of the truly devastating injustices perpetrated by schools on good, innocent teachers and supply teachers on the strength of a child’s accusation – and nothing more? 
As one of the latter group I was, a month ago, the subject of a wholly false accusation by a disgruntled pupil. I was all but accused of assault by an obscenely zealous ‘Child Protection Officer’ despite the presence in the classroom of a teaching assistant who could have resolved the matter within minutes. 
Unable or unwilling to demonstrate a degree of professionalism and personal responsibility, the CPO banished me from the school and instigated a lengthy and very distressing ‘investigation’ involving the police – among other bodies. 
The investigating body has only just deemed the accusation ‘unsubstantiated’ but there was no word of understanding or commiseration with my plight from anyone. I now have no income and still suffer the emotional consequences of a boy’s lies, aided and abetted by an evangelistic ‘Child Protection’ Officer. 
Similar cases must be occurring right across the country, with scurrilous children ‘rewarded’ for their lies by obsessive, blinkered, Child ‘Protection’ Officers. What irony.
Cliff Hatton 

Not so easy
MOVING house in the 21st century seems like an easy thing to do. 
A click of a mouse empty a house and all shall happen in a near virtual world.
But what happens if in your virtual world the computer says no?
Moving from Saxon Gate to Belmont didn’t seem too difficult. The house is packed, the vans rented, parents and friends are dragged in to help. 
So the last stages are needed to be put in place. 
Change over the broadband the TV and all other mod cons. But no - Belmont is unable to accept any further Fibre activations with no dates to expand the service.
So the nice new 50” Smart TV won’t work. 
The Xbox won’t be able to play online. 
Our daughter’s iPad won’t work. The Netflix subscription is cancelled. The WWE network subscription is cancelled. The choices to move away from Sky TV to BT TV.
21st century with 20th century problems. Saxon Gate has a superfast connection of up to 76mbps which we happily paid £48 a month for just so all the devices in the home worked.
To top it all off, BT offered a great deal on their up to 17mbps service of which we can receive 1mbps. 
Ours for the cool price of £32 per month.
How many other areas have to put up with this? 
BT indicate that a tiny proportion hasn’t got access to Fibre. 
Well maybe that’s true but access to and availability appear to be missing from BT’s vocabulary.
Very talented
IN regard to the Pitch Perfect Performance at March 31’s charity concert in Leominster Priory, I would like to say what amazing voices Cantabile Girls’ Choir have.
I am sure they don’t realise their own individual musical talent.  
‘Mountain Nights’ by Kodaly was simply stunning. 
I hope they continue singing throughout their adult life and even have a ‘Big Sing’ Choir Concert Reunion with previous years? 
Preferably in The Priory!
Mrs M Simpson
So grateful
A BIG ‘thank you’ to the people of Hereford. 
I have come over to UK for three weeks, before ‘I fall off my perch’ to see my dear family, friends and the beautiful country of my birth, and my home town of Tenbury.
When in Hereford this week, I sustained a very heavy fall injuring my face. 
The care, courtesy and kindness of the general public who appeared from ‘nowhere’ who helped and gave assistance was truly wonderful! 
Thank you so much to everyone (in particular John who was so good). 
Hereford is such a wonderful city to visit. The countryside in the regions I visited look magnificent.
Visit to Hay...
A PS to my previous letter, last week, re Cosey Fanni Tutti’s interview on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Woman’s Hour’.
Poor Dame Jenni Murray had to say ‘Throbbing Gristle’ three times, during the interview!
Just heard that (Miss) Cosey is to appear in interview at the Hay Festival, this year.
I shall attend and hope to ask her what advice she could give towards Herefordshire’s UK City of Culture bid!
Should I report back to the Hereford Times?
My own view is that we should stay with the likes of our own ‘son’ Sir Edward Elgar!
Much Cowarne
Seeking a deal
THE Brexit process is not a zero-sum game. 
With the right approach, both parties in this negotiation can come out with a good deal.
During the debate on Brexit in the European Parliament last week some of the speeches were negative and misrepresented Britain’s aims, but others were very positive and paid tribute to Britain’s immense contribution as a staunch defender of free markets and civil liberties.
We will remain resolutely calm, polite and positive, whatever we face from other quarters. Gradually our message is getting through that a good deal for Britain will be one that also benefits the remaining members of the EU.
We are in this for co-operation, not confrontation.
Conservative MEP for the West Midlands and spokesman on employment

Stay healthy
HEREFORDSHIRE Council must be congratulated on halting its bus service cuts and taking note of its consultation’s strong support for maintaining rural communities’ lifeline public transport links. (Funds for Rural Bus Routes Protected, Hereford Times, April 6).
The council’s decision coincides with a report from Greenpeace early this month, revealing that more than 2,000 schools and over 1,000 nurseries and playgroups across England are sited within 150 metres of a road emitting illegal levels of nitrous dioxide. (One of which, they claim, is sited in central Hereford).
Public health experts have repeatedly pointed out that exposure to diesel traffic fumes in large cities like London and Birmingham affect the long term health of those with chronic cardiac and lung disease, can increase asthma incidence and stunt the lung development of small children by 10%. 
However, Greenpeace’s new revelation, that children’s health in smaller cities, such as Hereford, may also be affected, is even more concerning.
It could be argued that buses emit as much pollution as cars. But, it should be borne in mind that a fully-occupied double-decker bus, could prevent at least 70 polluting car journeys on a traffic-clogged road.
With these worrying new facts in mind , lets hope that our council presses ahead with its plans to make Hereford a public transport, cycling, and walker-friendly city in future, so we can all stay healthy.
Little Birch

Excellent vets
IT was very sad to read in the Hereford Times about the little dog ‘Billy’ dying after being hit by a car on Holmer Rd and then taken to Holmer Veterinary Surgery.
But we would like to say that our 14-year-old cocker spaniel has always been treated with great kindness and care by Phil Adams and his team of vets at Holmer Veterinary Surgery.
She is now both blind and deaf but we have nothing but praise for all the care given to her, all her life, by Holmer Vets.
Kings Acre Road

Pothole woes
I’m not one that often complains,
But when driving one thing gives me pains:
(Oops!   There go my springs –
The car’s needing wings!)
It’s the potholes in Hereford’s lanes!