EVERY weekday I drive from Hereford to Worcester on the A4103.

Recently, Herefordshire Council has (quite rightly) reduced the speed limit to 50mph from Hereford to Whitestone, with a 40mph section in the middle.

Yet everyday, without fail, I am overtaken by BMWs, and tailgated by White Van Man. The speed signs are quite clearly placed, and are not difficult to spot, so these drivers have no excuse. But where are the high visibility police patrols? Where are the road markings?

Herefordshire Council needs to realise that it can't just apply new speed limits without putting the infrastructure and background work in at the same time! West Mercia Police should also realise they can't just expect drivers to obey the law because a road sign says.

JOSEPH BAYLEY, Stratford Road, Hereford.