I never write to newspapers but feel that I must in this instance.

I see from the Hereford Times that Herefordshire council tax will rise by 3.8%. This is approximately a median amount. So far so good.

However, I was amazed to see that the Herefordshire Band D rate is £1,083.46 compared with Worcestershire £944.30, Gloucestershire £988.00 and Shropshire £975.66.

Spot the odd one out! Yet these counties, apart from being our neighbours are similar in almost every respect. It's hard to believe that the others have better roads, libraries, social services, schools etc.

I am aware that as a local newspaper you have lots of issues to pursue, but what can be more important than this, which affects every household?

D John Barton, Shenmore Cottage, Lower Shenmore, Hereford