I WAS interested to read the article (Hereford Times, March 1)on the burial site find and St Peter's church - I have been priest-in-charge there since 1999.

There were some lovely historical details in the article , but also a rather major mistake: "As St Peter's has no cemetery of its own" doesn't quite meet the facts. The former churchyard, opened I believe in 1791, is now public open space off Commercial Road, but contains a memorial to and the grave of one of Hereford's most famous social reformers, the Rev John Venn. In fact it is on my wish-list for 2007 to see his memory being honoured by a restoration of the grave, which is in sad condition, and the memorial being drawn to the attention of the passing public.

Also your readers may not realise that St Peter's was one of the churches, together with St John's, St Owen's, St Nicholas' and All Saints', that were fundamental in securing land for what is now the public cemetery, which was consecrated on May 28 1863, and which has sadly needed increasing in size ever since!

Rev Paul Towner, The Vicarage, Green Street, Hereford.