IN the new year parliamentary business is curtailed and MPs have an extra day in their constituencies. To do what? This seems to me to be an unfair advantage over other candidates in the forthcoming elections.

Could we have public debate about the role of an English MP and their effectiveness in our system?

We were promised reform of the House of Lords. Nothing happened because there is no agreement on principles or priorities.

The election in May is expected to be indecisive, as it was last time. I felt troubled by that process and thought it distasteful for party leaders to bargain their way to power.

We could be discussing now how the parties intend to handle an indecisive result this time.

We need local and national politicians to be honest about their limitations. Let us discuss what is possible and what we must do to achieve it.

I can no longer vote for a party, I can only vote for someone with intelligence and ability to listen, with the integrity, hard work and communication skills to make effective decisions, together with the will to bring them about.

Let any promise made this election time be tied to a programme for implementation. Less spin, more accountability.