BEING slightly disabled and not being able to afford a car (let alone taxis), to avoid becoming socially isolated, I recently obtained a new bus timetable.

I was horrified. Many buses had been cancelled, and especially so in the evenings. Routes 71 and 72 run along either Whitecross Road (71 to Credenhill via Kings Acre) or Whitecross (72 to Bobblestock via Moor Farm).

The last buses to leave Hereford are: 71 to Credenhill weekdays 7.30pm, Saturday 10.55pm, Sunday 5.45pm; 72 to Bobblestock weekdays 6.15pm, Saturday 8.35pm, Sunday none.

The last buses to Hereford are: 71 from Credenhill weekdays 7.47pm, Saturday 11.14pm, Sunday 6.04pm; 72 from Bobblestock weekdays 8.49pm, Saturday 6.02pm, Sunday none. The 71 leaves Hereford at 8.35pm on Friday only.

The result is that these cuts will badly affect the quality of life of people in similar circumstances to mine in my area and others will be similarly affected.

STEVE WHEELER Whitecross Road, Hereford